Fun, Food, and Controversy: The Fair at Margate Offers Thrills, Laughter, and Pig Races
Pig races at the Margate Fair {David Volz}

By David Volz

The Fair at Margate is in full swing, offering a cornucopia of entertainment, rides, and delicious fair food that has something for everyone in the family.

Located at the intersection of 441 and Margate Boulevard, this event has quickly become a local favorite, attracting visitors from near and far.

With approximately 50 rides, including classics like Ferris Wheels, The Cyclone, the Drop Tower, and the spinning Music Express, adrenaline junkies have plenty to keep them excited.

For the younger ones, there are carousels, bumper cars, and a delightful array of kiddie rides that will bring smiles.

Foodies will be delighted by the assortment of fair staples available at the various food vendors. From irresistible funnel cakes to fluffy cotton candy and savory corn dogs, there’s no shortage of delectable treats to satisfy your cravings.

But the Fair at Margate is not just about rides and food; it’s a hub of entertainment for all ages. Spectators can catch captivating performances at the magic show, embark on a prehistoric journey with the dinosaur show, belt out their favorite tunes during karaoke, and be mesmerized by the comedy hypnosis.

And, of course, there’s the one-of-a-kind attraction – the racing pigs.

Chase’s Racing Pigs, owned by Pam and Ed Chase, have become a talking point of the fair, with a hint of controversy surrounding their performances.

Fun, Food, and Controversy: The Fair at Margate Offers Thrills, Laughter, and Pig Races
{David Volz}

Margate Commissioner Joanne Simone had expressed concerns about the well-being of the pigs used in the races during commission meetings. However, the Chases vehemently defend their treatment of these potbellied pigs.

Ed told Margate Talk, “These pigs are our livelihood. How could we abuse them?”

Pam added, “We give them animal crackers after each race and live in an air-conditioned trailer. We provide them with the best care, love, and attention.”

Fun, Food, and Controversy: The Fair at Margate Offers Thrills, Laughter, and Pig Races
Pam and Ed Chase of Chase’s Racing Pigs. {David Volz}

As a testament to their affection for their porcine participants, Pam and Ed even give the pigs playful nicknames such as Dennis Hogman, Dale Earn-Hog, and Sha-Squeal O’Neal.

The racing pig show consists of four potbellied pigs that compete in four races around a small track covered with straw. In two of these races, the pigs take a dip in a heated pool, adding an extra layer of excitement. Children in the audience are encouraged to join in with their best hog calls.

Families with young children have particularly enjoyed the pig races. Edison Carrasco, a fairgoer, said, “The pig races were fun, and I enjoy watching the pigs run.”

Unfortunately, the fair already had one setback after a child was kidnapped.

On November 18. Randy Shillingford, 29, of Dania Beach, allegedly grabbed a child after he and his 13-year-old brother exited the fairgrounds, according to Margate Police.

Fun, Food, and Controversy: The Fair at Margate Offers Thrills, Laughter, and Pig Races
{David Volz}

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