"Give me the money, I have a gun.": Walmart Robber Arrested at BK with 3K
Frank Joseph Moore {BSO}.

By Ryan Yousefi

A man was captured and charged with robbery after fleeing a Walmart with over $3,000 he stole after passing a cashier a note claiming he had a gun. 

On June 4, the Margate Police Department responded to the report of a robbery at the Walmart located at 5555 West Atlantic Boulevard. 

According to records, the call claimed a man, later identified as Frank Joseph Moore, 64, of Pompano Beach, had walked into the store, approached a cashier, and handed her a note containing a message that read, “Give me the money, I have a gun.”

Upon receiving the note, the cashier told officers that rather than give him the money, she quickly alerted a customer of the attempted robbery, and the customer yelled for a supervisor to help. 

According to the arrest report, rather than present a gun or flee the scene, Moore calmly gave the supervisor the same note he had given the cashier.

Fearing for the safety of everyone present, the supervisor decided not to escalate the situation any further, quickly opened the register, placed $3,255.99 in a Walmart bag, and gave the bag to Moore, who fled the scene.

As law enforcement arrived, a search for the suspect immediately ensued. With the assistance of Walmart’s Loss Prevention team, the police were able to track Moore down at a nearby bus stop outside of a Burger King restaurant located at 550 North State Road 7. 

After confronting Moore without incident, police took him into custody. 

A Walmart employee was taken to the scene to verify Moore was the same man that had robbed the store just moments prior.

According to the arrest report, a weapon believed to be used to threaten the cashier and supervisor was recovered from Moore’s possession during his apprehension. There is no mention in the police report as to whether the money stolen from Walmart was recovered. 

Moore was placed under arrest and transported to the Broward County Main Jail.

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