Slice of Deception After Margate Woman Arrested in Pizza Pie Lie Dispute
Yvette Torres {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A woman caught in a large-sized pizza pie lie was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

On August 14, officers from the Margate Police Department responded to a domestic battery call reported at a residence near the 5500 block of Southwest 7th Street.

According to the report, the caller, later identified as Yvette Torres, 39, of Margate, claimed that her husband had injured her by throwing a pizza, pouring water over her, and hitting her with a shoe.

Upon arrival, law enforcement officers found Torres without visible marks on her face despite her claims.

During her interview about the events leading to the call, Torres continually changed her account, revising her statement to retract her allegations about being slapped with a pizza. However, she maintained she had been doused with water and hit with a shoe.

Subsequently, officers spoke to Torres’s husband, who provided a differing version of events. He alleged to officers that a verbal disagreement escalated to the point that when he went into his room to change clothes and de-escalate the altercation, Torres followed him and doused him with water.

According to the arrest report, witnesses who claimed Torres to be the primary instigator confirmed the husband’s version of events.

After interviewing all parties involved and speaking to witnesses, Torres was arrested and transported to the Broward County Main Jail.

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