Margate Honors Philanthropist for $200K Donation of Palm Trees to Beautify City Spaces
Jonathan Fields donated 29 Sylvester Palm trees, that were planted at the Sports Complex in Margate. {City of Margate}

By David Volz

The City of Margate expressed gratitude towards a generous community member who donated trees to enhance the city’s surroundings.

In January, Dr. Jonathan Fields of Parkland was honored for donating 29 Sylvester Palm trees, which were then planted at the Sports Complex at 1695 Banks Road.

Helping others is an essential goal for Fields. As a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine in Tamarac, he became interested in his profession after seeing how it helped people recover from severe pain.

According to Commissioner Antonio Arserio, the estimated value of the trees is $200,000.

“I am glad we could find a good place for these plants. They will remain alive and help beautify Margate,” said Fields.

The relationship between Fields and Margate began when Jonathan’s father, Robert, started developing property for a family home in the equestrian area of Parkland where a plant nursery previously occupied the land.

Fields did not want the plants to die and believed they could thrive and enrich another community. He contacted his friend, Arserio, who suggested moving the plants to various locations in Margate.

Initial donations in 2020 resulted in trees being planted at Margate Fire Rescue Station 18 at 5785 Park Drive and the dog park inside Firefighters Park at 2500 Rock Island Road.

“He could have donated the trees to another city, but he chose to give them to Margate, and that’s good for us,” said Arserio.

Michael Jones, director of Parks and Recreation, confirmed the trees are thriving and making the Sports Complex look better.

Margate Honors Philanthropist for $200K Donation of Palm Trees to Beautify City Spaces
Arlene Schwartz, Joanne Simone, Dr. Fields, Antonio Arserio and Tommy Ruzzano. {courtesy}

During the January 31 meeting, the Margate Commission presented Fields with a plaque recognizing his donations.

Fields offers Tai Chi classes at Eagles’ Haven in Parkland and will lead a class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, the anniversary of the school shooting.

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