Man Arrested After Choking and Pulling Firearm on Romantic Partner Who 'Made a Mess' During Sexual Encounter
Mark Mitchell {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A man is facing multiple felony charges after allegedly committing a series of violent acts against his romantic partner. 

On November 9, the Margate Police Department received a 911 call from a victim indicating a consensual intimate encounter with a man, later identified as Mark Mitchell, 39, of North Lauderdale, transformed into a fight for her life after Mitchell became enraged over a perceived bodily fluid mess made during the sexual encounter. 

The incident reportedly occurred at a Margate residence near the 6700 block of Northwest 1st Street. 

According to records, the victim told officers that Mitchell became enraged at the mess he needed to clean up. He reportedly pushed her to the floor, grabbed her by the hair, broke her necklace, and placed her in a chokehold, causing her to lose consciousness and impeding her ability to breathe. 

The victim claimed when she came to, Mitchell prevented her from leaving the residence by blocking multiple exits and locking doors. Fearing for her safety, she told officers eventually managed to escape and retreated to her vehicle, but she observed Mitchell emerging from the residence with a black handgun.

The eventual arrest report details how the victim told officers she was able to speed away before any shots were fired, drove to a safe location, and promptly called 911.

Law enforcement arrived on the scene, where they found red blemishes on the victim’s neck, consistent with her account.

Upon arrival at Mitchell’s home, a firearm, a black handgun, was located in a lockbox in the kitchen and was seized as evidence. There is no record of what Mitchell told officers about the incident before his arrest. 

After an investigation, Mitchell was taken into custody and transported to the Broward County Main Jail.

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