City of Margate Installs 12 Life Rings In Honor of Good Samaritan Aden Perry
Commissioners Arlene Schwarts and Joanne Simone, Sarah Perry, and Mayor Anthony Caggiano at the life ring installation ceremony {City of Margate}

By Bryan Boggiano

The City of Margate and the Aden Perry Good Samaritan Scholarship Foundation installed 12 life rings throughout the city on May 25.

The life rings commemorate Aden Perry, 17, who jumped into a canal to rescue a driver who accidentally crashed into the water. Perry’s head hit a rock, and he died instantly. The driver passed away, too.

On May 25, Sarah Perry, who goes by Aden’s Mum, and members of the city commission unveiled the first life ring at Veteran’s Memorial Park  The fire department also demonstrated how to use the rings.

There are other rings at Firefighters Dog Park, Kaye Stevens Park, Legacy Park, Lemon Tree Lake Park, Winfield Park, two locations along Rock Island Road on 9th Court and 18th Street, two locations on SW 11th Street and State Road 7, and along the C-14 canal.

Margate follows the lead of Coral Springs and Parkland, which installed their first life rings in February and May, respectively.

“Aden’s story epitomizes courage, compassion, and an unwavering spirit of a young hero,” said Mayor Anthony Caggiano.

According to Maria Higgins Fallon, communications and marketing manager, the idea to install the life rings came from Aden’s mother, Sarah Perry, who goes by Aden’s Mum.

She discussed the scholarship fund’s mission at a recent city commission meeting, where she asked the commission to participate in keeping Aden’s legacy alive.

“My life has been forever changed from that moment, and I promised my son that I would never let him be forgotten and that I would continue his acts of kindness of helping others make a difference in this world,” Aden’s Mum said.

Higgins Fallon said the commission believed in the project as Aden’s Mum presented, saying the rings offer an effective solution if a water rescue is necessary.

“These rescue rings will save lives in Margate,” she said.

Aden’s Mum said there were no life rings or lifesaving equipment along the canal the night Aden passed away; the only option he had was to give his own life.

With the life rings now installed in Margate, she hopes the next time an accident happens, somebody can save a life and prevent a tragedy.

“Because of who he was and the act that he did, I owe it to him to continue his work for kindness and to help other people make a difference in this world,” Aden’s Mum said. “I truly feel this is what he’d want me to do.”

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