Woman Arrested for Assault after McDonald's Order Goes Wrong
Nirva Pierre {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A Margate woman angered by an inaccurate drive-thru order faces first-degree felony burglary with assault and child abuse charges following a chaotic assault on employees and the destruction of a cash register.

On August 14, a customer at the McDonald’s located at 4200 West Sample Road in Coconut Creek became violent after receiving the wrong order, resulting in damage to the restaurant and injuries to employees.

According to the Coconut Creek Police Department, a manager from McDonald’s reported that a woman, later identified as Nirva Pierre, 32, became irate after receiving an incorrect drive-thru order.

According to surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts, Pierre angrily parked her car and entered the restaurant. There, she hurled a dessert at the counter and ran behind the employees-only area,  pushing an employee in the process.

Pierre allegedly began flinging trays and condiments around and physically pushed a cash register, causing substantial damage that made it inoperable. 

Pierre’s actions were captured by store surveillance and witnesses’ cameras, documenting the scene and panic as employees scrambled to respond and rush to safety. 

To defuse the situation, the manager on duty approached Pierre, but she struck him on the left side of his face with her fist. She then picked up a metal coffee container and threw it across the counter area, hitting an underaged employee on the left side of her head. 

The impact resulted in the employee experiencing a headache and necessitated her transfer to Northwest Medical Center for medical evaluation.

After reviewing the camera footage and conducting witness interviews, Coconut Creek Police identified Pierre as the suspect, and on August 15, a lineup was presented to critical witnesses who posAugust 15dentified her as the individual responsible for the violent episode.

Video by Instagram user _jizzletv

A warrant was placed for Pierre’s arrest, and on August 21, she was arrested near the 3500 block of West CopansAugust 21ierre was transported to the Broward County Main Jail, where she was later released after posting a $27,500 bond.

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